Different Types of Absorbents

Different Types of Spilfyter Absorbents

A cleaning service provider should have their own set of cleaning materials and supplies. This is one of the most essential things that should be noted in establishing a cleaning service business. There are several types of cleaning materials and one of them is absorbents. Absorbents are similar to rags or wipers although they are specifically designed to prevent spills or leaks. They are most efficient in controlling spills of any types of liquid including oil or other solvents especially since as the name suggests, they are able to absorb a lot of liquid before being destroyed or unusable. There are several types of absorbents and also several brands available in the market.

Visiting your favorite grocery store or even ordering online can be done to be able to avail your needed absorbents. Choosing the type of absorbent that you need depends on the kind of spill or mess that you want to clean while choosing or finding the best brand should depend on referrals from other people or from your own experience. One of the most popular brands that have a wide range of absorbent products is Spilfyter. Meanwhile, the different types of Spilfyter absorbents include universal and oil absorbents, universal or oil socks and traffic rugs. Universal absorbents as the name suggests are absorbents for a multiple number of purposes which includes handling solvents, water, oil and other types of liquids. This will definitely help in cleaning floors which are grimy and will prevent falling or slipping because of the floor. Since those things are prevented, you are sure to prevent traffic in the workplace as well. There are also a variety of dimensions available, if for instance you wish to use the absorbent as a mat below the floor then a large dimension should be ordered. If however, you wish to use them only as rags, then smaller dimensions should of course be used.

Oil absorbents’ only purpose, on the other hand are for absorbing and cleaning oil spills without also absorbing the water. They can easily be used for cleaning up the oil spills either outdoor or indoor. Universal socks are also absorbents that can be used for a variety of solvents as well, although socks are usually used only as bases or as wrappers of industrial machines to really prevent spilling of solvents on the floor. Oil socks, as the name suggests are only used to absorb oil but since they are socks, they are used to wrap machines. Lastly, traffic rugs are used to be walked on to absorb fluids which were over-sprayed. They can be used on foot traffic or daily equipments. All these types of absorbents are also available in a variety of packages depending on which is most suitable for the job required. Some come in boxes, rolls while others are cut into specific dimensions and compiled. There are also a variety of lengths available and each specific cleaning job needs a specific length or dimension to prevent wasting of resources and of course, money.

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