Top 10 Online Backup Services

What Are The Top 10 Online Backup Services

A few years ago our personal data on the PC was at great risk, as if the PC failed we lost everything. You could do backups to external hard drives, but what if these failed too? Or if you forgot to back up for a few weeks? You could lose quite a bit.

Since internet services have started to increase, online backup services have emerged. These offer automated backups to the cloud (storage in large clusters of servers and hard disks), and you can use these for as little as $5 per month. These services work great as they automate all the work of backing up.

Here are the top 10 providers of these services, for more detailed reviews you can check each:


10. iBackup

Out of date website and software, but below the presentation they have all the features you could need. They offer 100GB of space for $9.95 which is good value. You can schedule backups and throttle bandwith, and version control files.


9. Mozy

Customer service is not great, but the software is actually the easiest to use out there. Their prices per GB are also not that good.


8. Carbonite

One of the oldest companies in the industry, Carbonite offers unlimited space from only $59 per year which is one of the best prices. However, support for Macs and OSX is not very good. They have a unique service also where you can order a hard-copy DVD of your backups if you want.


7. SOS Online Backup

There is limited space here, so if you are an architect with 500GB of Archicad files this is not for you. But you can backup your facebook profile which is a unique service.


6. Backup Genie

One of the cheapest services starting at $4.49 per month, but only for 75GB. But for a home user backing up a few photos that is great.


5. Google Drive

Google drive was recently released and we are seeing more and more of it as things like Google Docs are transferred to it. 5GB free, after that you have to pay. Very similar to iCloud except it works more like an online hard drive.


4. SugarSync

Best per GB rate in the industry, and all power user features that you could want.


3. iCloud

Dreamed up by Steve Jobs after the failure of a few attempts to create iPhone backups. It seamlessly integrates into your phone / mac. It only has 5GB free space, which is not much, and then its $20 for 10GB extra (per year). Really good if you are an iPhone user.


2. Dropbox

Everyone has heard of Dropbox, and your friends are most likely using it. You get 5GB for free, and it works like an online folder on your machine. It is great for sharing files.


1. ZipCloud

Unlimited space for less than $7 per month! Amazing! Very nice website and very easy to use software. ZipCloud is the top backup service right now.

There are over 50 providers of online backup services. For more detailed reviews, you can check out Top Cloud Backups.

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