What Do You Need To Know About People Search Sites?

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  • February 8, 2014 2:11 am

What Do You Need To Know About People Search Sites?

How can I avoid scams?

This is the question we receive most of all from people searching for People Search on google, yahoo, or msn. We are constantly getting emails with this question. The rip off People Search sites are everywhere on the web these days. So, you have to be so careful to avoid the scam artists.
How does it work…

There aren’t any People Search sites online today that can provide 100% accurate results on People Search whether you are checking on a potential employee, someone to watch your kids, that blind date, a neighbor, or suspected criminal.

These sites gather data collected from many different sources. Some of the sources will include government agencies, banks, as well as many other private sources. Some of these sites update their databases weekly or several times a week while others update them a few times each year. What you look for is the largest databases. None of the sites out there will have everything you search for but a good site should about 95% or more that you search for.
Our Testing…

We do alot of digging. We ask private investigators and industry people first. We like to see what tools they are using for their investigations. We don’t stop there though.

Then, we tested tons of sites out there to find out how the sites really do work. What kind of data do they have? How is their customer service? Can you really find what you are looking for? We then do searches on anyone we can think of. We look up records for people from high school, parents, spouses, friends, etc. You name it and we search for them in all 50 states.
Results That Will Shock You…

Out of the many People Search sites we reviewed, we were surprised to find that over 80% of them could not deliver correct information on mostly anyone we tried to check. We took our research and compiled it. Then, we got information from people in all walks of life from all over and gathered that into our consideration. The reviews you see below are from those sources that we have compiled. This is in an attempt to help you from being pulled into the same trap that so many fall into each day. Internet Scams. The sites listed below were the Top 3 and honestly the only ones we felt comfortable offering up a reference for.

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