Lim and Yabu

Lim and Yabu

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OaklandlaserdentistWe show understanding for patients who have apprehension about treatments and procedures, and we listen to your concerns and relieve your fears by answering all your questions. You will never be merely “the next patient,” as we give focused and individual attention to each member of your family. If you have had traumatic experiences in a dental office in the past, or avoid going to a dentist because of the appearance of your teeth, you will feel comfortable in our care and very pleased with our service year after year. All customer reviews and feedback for Oaklandlaserdentist is positive. Hampton World Search

Oaklandlaserdentist Quality Review

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Address: 4174 Park Boulevard, Suite A, City: Oakland, State: Ca Zip: 94602, Country: USA

Phone: 510-530-7000



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